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I went back to school to learn how to use writing to connect people with the natural world, and while I have accumulated plenty of titles and tricks, I’ve accumulated them INDOORS. Yes, folks: grad school takes place inside. So does teaching, and most of the time sleeping. It’s a rich irony, and after three years of looking wistfully out the window at glorious days, I’ll be breaking free from my computer a bit more. Graduation, you can’t get here soon enough.

I’m putting together a workshop to share my thoughts about the genre of nature writing and the tools of the nature writer. I’ve discovered this fabulous book edited by Barry Lopez called Home Ground: Language for an American Landscape. Lopez collected passages defining geographical terms, drawing from a variety of nature writers–among them are Annie Dillard, Barbara Kingsolver, and Charles Frazier. It’s a rich encyclopedia with passages from verse and prose embedded in the descriptions, and I love the line drawings that illustrate the text.

So I’ll be using passages pulled from this book to use in my workshop on the 29th. Join me, let’s explore!

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